Ask and you shall receive. That’s essentially the stance that the Philadelphia Eagles took with their stud left tackle Jason Peters this week.

On Tuesday, the nine-time Pro Bowler intimated that he wanted a contract extension that would allow him to retire with the Eagles.

“I don’t want to be year-to-year doubting, are they going to release me? Are they going to do this? Taking pay cuts and all that,” he said, via ESPN. “I just want to make sure that I got the reassurance that I’m going to retire here, don’t have to worry about it,Connor Barwin Jersey show up and show out.”

One day later, the Eagles gave him exactly what he asked for: a contract extension. The team announced it signed him to a one-year extension that will keep Peterson in Philly through the 2019 season, at which point he’ll be 37 years old and on the brink of retirement. The new deal is worth $32.Brian Dawkins Jersey5 million over the next three years with $15.5 million guaranteed.

“It means a lot. This is reassurance that I’m going to retire here and don’t have to go year to year. It’s just another way of them reassuring that I’m going to be here,” Peters said.Jordan Matthews Jersey “I love Mr. (Jeffrey) Lurie, the whole organization, the City of Philadelphia, and the fans. It speaks volumes for them to still look at me that way,Darren Sproles Jersey it’s nothing but love.”

Executive CP of football operations Howie Roseman issued this statement regarding the Eagles’ extension for Peters.

“Jason is a future Hall of Famer, a great player, and leader. He has been an anchor for our offensive line for many years and now we are thrilled about being able to work something out that will allow him to finish his career here in Philadelphia.”


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